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Network & Verified Player programs
What about a Network?

We consider Networks an official group of Streamers (like a squad on Twitch) or a group of Professional Players, interested in competitions (like an official Multigaming, an ASD, etc.).


A Network of 10+ verified Twitch Streamers, or 5+ verified Players.
Officially registered to a country commerce institute.
Sponsored by 2+ publishers / vendors.

Streamer programs
What about a Streamer?

A Streamer on WeSport is a verified Player, allowed to be part of special events, with a possibility to be called as official caster of a special event, directly on WeSport Twitch Channel.


Twitch verified Streamer
100+ spectators average.
In-live 4 times / week.

Partner programs
What about a Partner

A Partner is a Player interested in supporting our project on his Social Media channels, creating hype, events and tournaments only on WeSport. Creating events or tournaments on a competitor platform (ESL, FaceIT, etc.), will result in a kick from our Partner Program.


A Network or a Streamer already verified.
If not a Network or a Streamer, you must be a Social Media content creator as following:

  • A verified YouTube channel with 100.000+ Subscribers and 2 video per month
  • A verified Mixer channel with 10.000+ Followers, 100+ spectators and in-live 3 times per week
  • A verified Twitter profile with 10.000+ Followers and 5+ Tweets per month
  • A verified Facebook Page with 50.000+ Followers and 5+ Posts per month

Interested in supporting WeSport in any way.
Tournaments and Events management using only the WeSport Platform.
A WeSport Banner applied on your Channel Description, or in a Cover (if a description is not available).

Download Press-Kit
Sponsor programs

Are you interested in supporting WESPORT?
Just contact us, if you have an interesting or innovative idea, we will reply as soon as possible.


Verified Players & Streamers

Networks & Partners




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