Our Story

The project was born in 2016, under the name of Overhack, an Anti-Cheat software focused on FPS (First Person Shooter) video games designed and developed to offer a valid alternative to all players, from the casual player to the competitive player.

Over the years the staff has gathered various dedicated figures and expands through the creation of Discord communities for titles such as Apex Legends and VALORANT which have over 30,000 members. Driven by the desire to organize events and grow ESports in Italy, he begins organizing 'for fun' tournaments.

In January 2020 the staff developed the project with the birth of WeSport, a dedicated platform to manage events and services for the entire E-Sports world, from the creation of tournaments to the collection of statistics and for the creation of leaderboards.

About Us

The platform is able to host any game without limitations and includes various functions, from the ability to create your own team to the autonomous creation of tournaments of different types, through a simple and modern interface.

Services for Merchandising, Coaching, Community Programs are constantly being developed. Thanks to the trained staff dedicated to each area, we are able to offer assistance to the player and teams, live broadcasting of tournaments and programs dedicated to partners, affiliates and sponsors.

Following the development of the project, WeSport is expanding its contacts and is aimed at all associations, federations and sports bodies offering mainly the services of Registry Management, Membership and Event Creation.


Our Services

Using WeSport you'll be able to create and manage tournaments in the “Knockout” format, which includes “Direct Elimination (single or double)”, “Round Robin” and “Battles”, a completely dedicated Battle Royale's system. By creating a tournament, it will be available: manage personalized scores, dates, recursion, available places, reserved access (via password), independent verification of the game account and a participation system through an automated registration check.

Partners find in WeSport a series of services dedicated to them which they can access according to the level assigned. The world of E-Sports in Italy, although present for many years, has only recently been capturing the general attention of the main national medias; this allows companies and organizations to become part of this world with great opportunities.

We take care of assisting the individual player or team from registering on the platform up to any problems during the competition, both for problems relating to the platform and assistance provided directly on social networks (mainly Discord).

We manage and run the Tournaments, from the creation of the registry, to the actual performance and entry of scores on the platform.

Live broadcast on Twitch of the final stages of the competitions, with the collaboration of professional Streamers and Casters with excellent knowledge of the inherent title. It also takes care of involving and moderating the spectators present in the chat.

We take care of the graphics relating to the competition, creating original and similar contents with any sponsorships. By sharing information in the main social networks. It also manages any commercials and dedicated graphics that will be available in-live.

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