Tournament guidelines

  1. Free competition guidelines:
    1. Creating any competition on WESPORT, the organizer will automatically accept the guidelines in all of its form.
    2. A minimum of 8 Teams or 16 players must always be guaranteed.
    3. All guidelines provided by the game publisher must always be respected, more specifically:
    4. Personal Streaming of the event must be guaranteed for everyone.
    5. Depending on the kind of game tournament, at least a delay from 2 to 5 minutes will necessarily be required.
    6. Live title must be exactly "WESPORT - Tournament name"
    7. It is required custom game rules to any tournament, that will be added to the rules provided by WESPORT.
    8. (optional) It is possible to add the WESPORT logos on streaming and all the contents relating for the advertising of the tournament, available here.
  2. Prizes competition guidelines:
    1. Each competition organizer is responsible for awarding prizes, whatever they are (eg. giveaways, cash prizes, gift cards, hardware and peripherals, etc.), depending on the laws of the state in which they operate.
    2. Eeach competition organizer will have to guarantee the Player free access to any competition. Any direct or indirect attempt to monetize is strictly prohibited.
    3. WESPORT is in no way responsible for the improper use of the platform and for the wrong form of awarding the prizes.
    4. WESPORT is not responsible for the legitimacy of the prizes.
    5. WESPORT is in no way responsible if the event organizer does not issue the "guaranteed" prize.
    6. For tournaments organized within the Italian territory, only the WeCard systems provided by WESPORT must be used:
      1. C.S.A.In.: The configuration of the tournament allows you to choose C.S.A.In. as a verified WESPORT Entity. Requires tokens in order to pay a Player WeCard.

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