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Using any WeSport service or sub services, you will automatically accept the following documentation.
If you don’t respect one of the following rules, you will be subject to kick/ban from our services. WeSport deserve the possibility to suspend partially or totally the services offered.

Terms and conditions

In any Service offered by WeSport, you can't create contents of any kind that contains the following words (Also valid in all language translations): Administrator, Employee, WeSport, Moderator, Staff. Although they are not listed, WeSport may decide to block and / or delete an account or content that will have within it not deemed invalid characters:

  • It's strictly prohibited the use of WeSport name, logo or any other IP content;
  • Allow WeSport Services to get, store and share information about You and your PC to ensure a fair session, as following:
    • Monitor screenshots. (Random from 30 seconds to 3 minutes each one)
    • System processes on game start;
    • In-game processes and modules on game start;
    • Random Integrity checks, hashes and processes look-up;
    • Current operating system;
    • Processor ID as HWID;
    • Mouse movement, click and positions.
    • IP and Proxy usage.
  • At any time the WeSport Staff is authorized to check partially or totally an User with a remote control (like TeamViewer, Splashtop, etc.) to ensure a fair play;
  • At any time the WeSport Staff is authorized to ban partially or totally an User if there is only something suspicious, at His (Staff) own and unquestionable judgment.
  • It is strictly prohibited the use WeSport name, logo or any other protected content inherent to WeSport;
  • At its sole discretion WeSport can delete Game, Tournaments, Administrators and Subscriptions, if it will considers annoying or not respecting some standards or rules;
  • At its sole discretion WeSport can update the subscriptions prices alerting the subscriber using the invoice notes or with a news pushed here, (with at least 15 days of notice);
  • If you have requested deactivation of a subscription, but it has already issued an invoice for the next period, by doing so it will be considered at the end of the last billing period issued (If you want to know more about the Premium Subscriptions please read the right section “WeSport Account > Premium Subscriptions”);
  • WeSport declines any responsibility for detecting its own anti-cheat software by other games as a malicious application, if your in-game account will be suspended, temporarily or permanently.

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