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We take care of a Community as our main goal.

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Built with by Marco Cusano for Developers.

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Absolutely yes, we are constantly growing up, in bringing exciting new events.

Each verified Tournament is organized directly by WeSport staff. Each Player, can create their own community events (as long as paid), however it can never be categorized as a verified event.

There is an area dedicated for community programs, for Players, Teams or a Networks, based on the support that they want to offer to WeSport. Click here to know more.

Unfortunately WeSport is not yet an AI. It's not possible to join a tournament with multiple Teams, whether you are Leader or not.

You need to use your Discord or Twitch account to perform a login.

Shipping informations will be used in case of a Tournament with shippable prizes, like a mouse, a keyboard and more or to ship your products bought on WeSport Store.
Billing informations will be used during an order on WeSport Store.

The idea of WeSport is to bring verified events, with verified Players. Linking your in-game account makes it easy for all participants to find the actual player to play against.

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