Minor Battle

Open Cup #2



  • Each player is responsible for their own technical problems. The start date will not be rescheduled if a player has technical problems or related to your connection. Instead if several players have a technical problem the WeSport Staff may decide to restart or reschedule the current game.
  • In no way will it be possible to cancel a match that has already started, provided that the Staff Spectator will not consider it suitably valid.
  • For any further problem you can request assistance via the WeSport's Discord Server , using the #support dedicated text channel. Also, if you need more information about the Tournament, you can use the related text channels, within the category 🔰 Apex Legends - Open Cup #2.


  • Each Player is responsible for himself during a Players Only Event, including technical configurations, connection problems or problems relating to availability in participating in the event.
  • The Team Leader is responsible for his Team and for the Players of it, during a Team Only Event. This includes the possible presence / absence of a single Player which could lead to the exclusion of the Team from the event, or problems related to conduct (see code of conduct for more details).
  • All Team Players considered effective line-up by the Team Leader are obliged to attend the Event in which the Team is registered.


  • All Players must connect their in-game Account, if required by the event. In the absence of this information, the entire team could be excluded from the event.
  • In case of missing configuration or presetting of the event in progress and for any other missing information, useful for the proper running of the event, a WeSport Staff, will be free to choose according to their own unquestionable judgment.

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